• Dennis and Gnasher telephone doodles.

  • Heres a progress sequence. Weird how things turn out when you have no real direction.

    The first doodle

    Then this weird paint. Tried to fix the hands.

    Went back to the skull idea.

    Boosting the colours for a bit more grit.

    Decided to really push the colours, and pick pout the nice yellow green

    Painted into it a little repeating the hand colour.

    Tried to pop the head detail with black. 

    As done as it ever will be. 

  • A few scribbles from my morning dog walks in the woods.
    Old pen, ink and spit wash.

  • My friends film... The Great Martian War, has just be released on History
    Heres some images from a Sequence I boarded. A great project!

  • Knocking out the park everyday. Our first rushes. Proud director.

  • Gash mashk

  • Inky notepad scribbles of the my own show in development. 
    And nearly Donald Duck...

  • Just a quick one to mention I'm now a director at Mackinnon and Saunders. Not sure Im allowed to say what the show is but I'm excited to work with an amazing team. Hopefully further press releases will spill the beans.


    Room full of serious talent in our temporary studio.
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