• Hi
    I'm back from Animacor 09. Many thanks to Antonio, Juan, Jordi, Fran├žois, Ricardo, Tila, and Madeleine for being a great bunch of people to hang about with and Angel for the kind invitation.

    I'm trying to get my head around work. We've a new show to get up and running and a heap of projects to prepare after Stu and Dans pitching success. Good lads!
    I'm looking forward to working with my pal Vince James again on the new show.

  • Hi All. Its been ages know. I'm nearly done on Wibbly just down to note making duties. The new show looks set to begin about now. I've been taking a few days off with lovely Claire. Great spending some quality time together. Sunday I fly out to Spain for Animacor’09. I've been invited to be on the Jury this year. I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends. If you're going I'll see you there.

    Images are quick paints for a new film idea. You got to love the power of photoshop brushes!

    I'll post again when I get back.



  • Just to let you know... that anyone with little ones should tune in to Cbeebies weekdays at 3.30pm (except Wednesdays) from Monday 7th September 2009 to see my little pal Wibbly Pig.

    Other news

    I have a new house. All modern and cool. This big old place is too much to look after. Time to move on.

    A truly great summer has come to an end. Starting in Spain and ending in Brighton and the Reading festival. The highlight of which was the Prodigy.
    Found time to paint some concepts for our upcoming short film before I went too. More of that in the future.



    Many thanks to Aaron at Cold Hard Flash for the nod.


  • Three days to go and we're off on our holidays. Spain with the boys, Claire and Ella. Then back home. Ditch children before heading down to Brighton. Last stop the Reading festival. Also selling/moving house, packing and working all at the same time. Wibbly Pig is going great. I've had to say goodbye to the first storyboard team Michelle and Peter and Marc Gordon. Thanks for the fantastic work folks.
    I'll be working with Marc again soon hopefully. Wib is due to air via Cbeebies in the UK, TVO and Knowledge Network in Canada.

    Other things are developing nicely. I'll hopefully step right into production on some cool new projects.

    Images are from rejected designs for Nick.

  • Its summer. A few months left of production. After this I'll be full time directing something else and developing a movie. Fingers crossed anyway. No idea what yet. Please don't give me the realistic one!!!!

    Stu and Myself just got back from a trip to Dubai which was an amazing place. Its summer there...a lot! Thanks to Mr Adnan, Mr Haider and our new pal Omar, for looking after us so well. Omar is an outstanding fellow.

    Anyway..a head. It's all I have right now. When things ease in to development, I'll be painting more, so hopefully will have pictures to show.

  • I don't think I've drawn so little in my life.
    My night off tonight..... boys are with their mum, I have wine, a crap pen and lots of crap paper, neon bible on the stereo and a great great film on dvd with the sound turned off. .. (got some hula hoops too).

    Here are some drawings as the film plays through.... just letting the pen do the work. I've tried to be as honest as I can and only ran one through photoshop.

    Yes its the red one.

    Also, some of you may know already I've become a partner/director in Freakishkid pictures. So me is now we. Website is up now http://freakishkid.com/. very exciting to work with the amazing talent that was Greykid pictures. Lots of great things to come.

    Also been offered to direct a half hour film after Wibbly Pig. Something so cool I could burst.

    Fingers are crossed it happens.

  • pen...spot blacks! Oof! Bottom fella has the same old photoshop blue thrown on.

  • caffeine was kicking in i think..

  • Here's a few while waiting for my train. Breaking in some new characters. cheap pens on cheaper paper.

  • This is more fun.
    Clucky grabs!

  • Looks boring I know but it actually fun.... this is an animatic. 10 minutes worth, cut in a day and a half...ish. The tedious bit is scene numbering and typing in notes.

  • Just wanted to say hi. I'm still here
    Above pick is a scribble from a cab ride a few weeks ago. Not much to show I know.
    My pal Steve Horrocks has put a site up at last. Take a look http://www.stevehworks.com/

    Show is marching on. Animation is full steam ahead and off-lines are coming through. Long way to go!

    Have a great new year!
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