• Frustration

    3 pilots and many positive "we want it" meetings down the line, the new project I'm involved in is dragging its heels. Still no firm word on whether its a goer or not. Its so close.... Still, animation on the shorts is going well. Heres a "clearing my head" picture.

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    1. very nice paintings, shows such a good sense of mood and emotion.

    2. Anonymous said... 10:08 AM

      good thing ya cleared this pesky bastard... I wouldn't want his spooky arse haunting about in my head.

    3. Anonymous said... 7:50 AM

      I was thinking the same thing. Good thing you cleared him out! He's nasty looking. One almost feels sorry for the icky, green fellow. But to feel pity for such a creature is catching. You end up just as green and in half the time it took him to get that way himself. :(

    4. Jez!
      Just came across your blog mate.

      Some excellent stuff, if a bit scary!
      I'd love to see you drawing pink fairies and teddy bears:)

    5. Hey Steve! Hows it going? You done on that show now?

    6. My role on Slim Pig finished Christmas week. Glad it's all over to be honest. Talk about stress, on completion of the project I removed all trace of animation from my website and am planning on staying away from that side of things until the end of the year.

    7. Very nice color work. Effective design, mood and atmosphere.--good stuff man!

    8. best use of green I've seen in a loooong time....

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