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    Tell you what. I don't think its ever been this bad. Its not the work, there's plenty of that about. The problem is getting paid. Okay that was always a problem but this past few years its got worse and worse. Nobody wants to pay anymore! Its the same story for my freelance chums. All of them are owed money, huge amounts of money in some cases. Many of the folks are walking a financial tightrope. Growing overdrafts... remortgaging their houses.

    Us freelancers are paid to do good work, on time. Frankly its insulting to wait 2 months then have to start begging for your money. I recently had work with a well known studio on a very cool show. The kind of thing you'd do cheap just to have it on your CV. Well I did do it for cheap. Very cheap. I gave them an awful lot for the paltry sum. They repaid me by making me wait 3 months then deducting tax and NI from me. I told them I couldn't conitnue because of this.

    This stuff has almost brought me to my knees. I have kids and a house and bills too. I work like a bastard to give people my best. Look after your freelancers folks.

    On a brighter note. My writer pal is free and has come on board to work with me on my own show. So its given me a push. Development on it has taken a jump forward. I think the look is getting there. The image above is some early development from it.

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    1. Now now jez, sure they pay late and stiff us at every turn but come on, it can't be easy maintaining their stingey ways. that type of attitude takes years to cultivate and is hell on wheels to maintain. there are two types of people in this world Jez, men and women... no hang on that's not right... men and women and super men.. three types then ... and bankers too and gardeners... there are many types of people in this world and you have just got to decide which one are you... are you a people or a ... no I've lost it again.
      I was suggesting to some people waiting on cheques that we should set up a strong arm section of the cartoon community. Some dudes who went round to collect and didn't leave without satisfaction... you know, thugs like.
      Anyway, I'll work on your show should you need me and i will take a leaf out of your tirade and charge you top dollar and demand it paid within two weeks knowing you will understand my predicament.

    2. Sorry, did I sound grumpy.
      Not good form to moan on ones blog maybe but feck it.
      I was talking to a couple of builders the other day who have the same problem. They go round in a van and rip out whatever they put in. A fine solution...
      Anyway, I'm going to bugger off for a few days and forget all about this drawing lark.

    3. increible tus ilsutraciones. un abrazo!

    4. Hey Jez, who was the well known studio? Give us a clue.

    5. Sorry to hear you've been ripped off Jez, I have similar tales of woe and Im afraid its all too common in this game. Its good to vent though. Hope your new show takes off.

    6. Jez you wouldn't believe the amount of people who offer me work and say upfront that there's no money though,although I will get a credit :/ If the projects interesting and I have time I occasionly help out,but if I got paid for all the job offers I've had I'd be rolling in it ! We've all been owed money,or are owed money and I have a wife and 3 kids too,it pisses me off bigstyle !!

    7. I feel your pain too Jez ... you saw my rabid wolves at the door pic .. it was no coincidence that the drawing appeared when it did :(

    8. I hear ya, man. I'm still waiting (4 months and counting) for freelance I did for a major studio that I now work for full-time. Every day I see the line producer for that show in the hall and they run the other way.

    9. jez-give cartoon network a call-
      they have set up a new studio in town and are really looking for boarders
      mail me on mrdunn236@hotmail.com and i will send you an address

    10. that sux jez!! hope you get paid soon!!

    11. Hi Jez - heard you're doing another board, so I hope things have been sorted by now!?

      Regarding the monster sketch - I decided to do a bit of concept work (photoshop painting etc), but all I did was that sketch - that was a month ago. Gotta get off the couch!

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