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    I'm 41 today. Blimey! The pictures today all come from a mildly drunk drawing session. I've been working on a made up metal band as a back story for my friends new show. We're trying to give them a bit of depth even though they are very much BG characters. They look nothing like the images here but it's what happens mixing metal and merlot. To be honest I kind of re-discovered ELO that night too...and Boney M. Must be the strings! Hail Satan!

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    1. Very cool, The top guy with the guitar is amazingly moxie!

      I've always been a fan of Graphic, clear, simple design with strong color and clear silhouette.

      This is why I love 2d animation.

    2. Love these sketches Jez! Happy birthday man!!!! :D

    3. oh and Happy Born dayz!

    4. Happy birthday!
      great drawings!

    5. wow. love these sketches. They are so free.

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