Hows a bloke supposed to put pictures up on his blog when he's not allowed to show anything? Start date is still impending. Voices being cast, musicians briefed.....board artists being contacted. I've been blocking stuff out for the first 2 shows. Its a nice change of pace from the shorts for Nick.
    Comping is still going strong on the shorts. They are looking beautiful. I'm sure they'll create quite a buzz when they air.
    The image is an un-used design for some Weetos commercials. I can see why they didn't go for it. Too much of a departure from the brief. The final designs are nice but these would have been lots of fun.
    I got to draw Scooby Doo and Shaggy last week too. Great fun, but Scoobys legs are nuts.

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    1. 'I got to draw Scooby Doo and Shaggy last week too.'

      The original designs or the new ones?

    2. The old ones. It was for a new CN ident. Good fun. I did the creeper too.

    3. great bowl there

    4. THese are fun and animated!

    5. Brilliant cereal mascot designs! They were suckas for not going for it.

    6. Ummm ...I'm ready for cereal boxes/spots to be more abstract. These look perefct.

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