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    The shorts I've been doing with my pal Chris Wayles are all done. Thanks for the cool animation Chris. I'm told they are going to be shown on the big outdoor screen at the triangle central Manchester at some point. I'll try and get some pictures if it happens. Heres a grab from it. A bus in the rain.
    Also a couple of Sax players. Doodled while sitting through another long After Effects render. Also a little chap who I thought was fun. I'm having a couple of days off then I'm doing a board for the lovely people at Cartoon Saloon.

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    1. Like your little orange man!

    2. yeah, he's great!!

    3. Great sketches! Lovely ink line!
      Good luck with your short!

    4. Nice stuff, all of it.


    5. what can I say that i haven't already said about your stuff Jez?



    6. love these sax players...so much mood and so spontaneous. Great work!!

    7. really nice work. love the line quality.

    8. oooh, splendid looking! Can we see your shorts in Canada? The still of the bus is great. Love the brush sax player too.

      We'll be linking to ya!

    9. Anonymous said... 12:46 PM

      so much funny stuff...
      beautifull line you have there.

    10. WOW!! These are beautiful!! Love these a lot!! Stunning!

    11. The Bus Pic is so so so nice, jez.

    12. Love that little "Have you seen Kevin?" guy; The simplicity and roughness are great. (Not to mention good colors!

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