• Skunk Fu

    Sorry its been so long.
    I'm animating right now on a new thing for Nick. Which is a lot of fun.

    My real reason for this post is to link to the new Skunk Fu blog (click title to go there)


    I've been boarding on Skunk and can say its going to be a great show. Top work from the wonderful folks at Cartoon Saloon.

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    1. I would love love LOVe to have a look at one of your boards for Skunk.

      I'm having to board and layout for the project I'm working on at the mo and to honest I'm finding it all abit difficult.

    2. good stuff!!

    3. hello! nice blog, like your characters, and those storyboard panels way below are class

    4. Anonymous said... 9:25 AM

      Jesmond, that's deelicious. Bzzzzz!

    5. · ·

      L L

    6. good stuff!

    7. hey, thanks for the comment on my blog jez!
      I really appreciate ;)

    8. hey, me gusta mucho tu arte!!!
      un abrazo

    9. Hugs to you too Omar :)

    10. Anonymous said... 9:05 AM

      Hey Jez, cool link, had a blast over there and loved your work they posted, full of life as usual.
      So to compensate for that life I sent over a zombie skunk.

      And you thought they smelt bad before!

    11. I always slide over here for the updates... I guess you are busy busy right. just a thumb print would do fella... just soemthing to let us know... let us know you are still alive!!!
      {dramatic aint I?}

      give us three rings

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