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    I went outside again yesterday. It was weird. All big and that.
    The parks nice, apart from an odd young chap (pictured).
    I think his little brother had nicked a bike from out of my skip. My two boys and me had a game of cricket with young Faheed and his cousins, who hit the ball so hard it hit a plane (pictured) he's only ten.

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    1. really well done jez, they look great!

    2. lovelly stuff. hit a plane you say? well well those young uns with their cricket sticks and how ja doos. makes you wonder doesn't it? waddaya mean 'no'?

    3. Fantastico Jez! These paintings are so nice and inspiring.

    4. awesome paintings, love the bold shape and form.

    5. That plane one, wow.

    6. Beautifull, Jez.
      You work the ligth like a Sorolla...
      You use "painter" ?

    7. the trees are incredible! what a fantastic colour harmony! Jealous!!!!


    8. Anonymous said... 7:09 AM

      love the style and more the colors.

    9. Anonymous said... 5:46 PM

      Beautiful bold stuff man........

      Inspiring .

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