• More old stuff

    Heres some more oldies. Colour notes from Wacky Woods this time. We made 3 pilots. One in India and two here. Still waiting on this one.
    Wise Old Owl made me laugh. He's not wise, old or an Owl. He's a sheep in a tree.

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    1. flitterin' flap jacks jez!
      great wonderful stuff. I thought you had abandoned the blog business... or the chavs had got to you and made you one of them. i could have sworn i spotted you outside spar rolling a spliff/ sniffing wood glue... whatever it is fellas like you get up to these days.

    2. sweeeet!

    3. Fantastic stuff on here Jez! I love the "wise old owl" idea.

      Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, I assume by Cossys you meant Cosgrove Hall?

    4. These are awesome!

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