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    The latest Skunk is done. It was a great script. Dont think I've pulled so many faces drawing a board.

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    1. another sweet one, jez!
      i've seen one of your last boards yesterday (it was show 21, didn't find the title in the fla..) it was very very enjoyable. nice cuts, and i loved the sleeping baboon ;)
      take care!

    2. I think this will turn out to be one of the best episodes of the series.

    3. Yep, it was great script.

    4. I've had chronic wind after too many pints of Guinness and have looked a bit like that top piccy ! :)Needless to say the wife locks me in a room by myself and without any naked flames !!

    5. Sho Nuff' this is my favourite board of the series and all of us here are drawing inspiration from it.Top stuff once again Mr Hall

    6. I have a girlfriend now so I dont fart anymore. Give it time.
      Top man Christian...... thanks. I have 2 more boards to do then thats it. I think I'm going to miss Skunk. Can't wait to see a show.

    7. Jez,marry that girlfriend and you're free to fart again !!

    8. hey Jez!

      great stuff matey.

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