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    With a sad heart I got my last Skunk board today. I'll miss the little stinker when he's gone.

    Picture here is from my little project still being developed in any free time I don't have. I'm trying to slow the pace down with it. Longer scenes...more art.

    Also two dogs from a from little short I plan to make.

    Following on from my last post I've had a few concerned emails. Just to let folks know I'm not talking about Cartoon Saloon.

    My fault for not making it clear, its seem obvious that folks would associate my comments with the Skunk Fu posts.

    Apologies to the Skunk boys.

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    1. I was just over there last week and met up with the skunk fu fellows. They made it clear to me that you have burnt your bridges and no mistake. Your frivolous comments have deeply wounded both the artists and their familys leading to wide spread disharmony which has had a knock on effect over most of southern ireland. i just hope you are happy with your unfeeling actions.
      Only joking Jez, you are regarded as a ten foot tall golden man in the studio. Enjoy your last board.

    2. Anonymous said... 4:07 PM

      the visit of your blog is always a smiling moment in the week

    3. SKUNK looks like a lot of fun to board on.

      Bottom doodle is GENIUS!!

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