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    A few poses from my sketchbook. I had a day last week where I couldn't stop drawing these blokes. This is one of many sheets. This may turn out to be the funnyest cartoon ever made. Or might not.

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    1. I´m from Chile. I like your work, I find it very expressive, a very personal and attractive touch. You possess an extraordinary imagination.

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    2. great stuff fella. Constant inspiration to me so it is. Hope all is going well with your stuff

    3. Hello boss. My name is Joan, from Barcelona and I be ilustrator. If you are interesting in a virtual interchange, visit my blog


      see you!

    4. hey Jez, looks cool !
      let's hope it'll be the funniest cartoon ever
      if not just just as cool as the rest of your work.

    5. I'd love to see something this sketchy made. I've got a feeling it'd do better than the money people think it would.

    6. I agree Bentos old man. I think it makes the producer types sweat and fret though. It may start to look a little like art and they dont understand that.

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