• Born in a barn

    Heres a few colour keys I've been doing on a new thing for some folks to be broadcast somewhere sometime fairly soon....whenever they're done. Hopefully when it airs I can post more stuff.
    I've had fun on this show. I been doing boards, animatics, some design and these little colour key things.
    I went down to Wish films the other day to see Will, Ian and the other Will. I had a fine day. I got rained on three times in one day though. I hope I didn't smell too damp.

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    1. brilliant fella... very inspirational... brilliant. All the best

    2. oh these color keys are amazing! amaaazing!
      well done jez!

    3. Deadly colors! Nice and bright i love it

    4. cool!

    5. I'm staggered. These environments are stunning. Thanks for sharing.


    6. Really exceptional design work here.
      Great color choices also.

    7. cool! very cool!
      Saw you've redesigned for the chf-site, looks great!

    8. Really great colours in these pics man !!

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