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    I'm not exactly twiddling my thumbs but the shows prolonged start is dragging. Still crewing.

    I've a couple of little design and board jobs going through. Above is our pal Dexter pressing a button. Not an unusual thing for him to do.

    I've just watched the first two completed Nick shorts. Stu and his team have done an amazing job on these. They certainly look like the budget was a lot bigger than it was. I'm a little shocked to not have the usual feeling of crushing disappointment. I think they're great.

    Anyway, hopefully they'll be airing soon so everyone can see them.

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    1. your blog is amazing! I love your work very much!

    2. woohoo dexter is awesome

    3. AWESOME!!

    4. Ace stuff man ...

      Anywhere we can see anything of the shorts? .. even clips?

    5. PERFECT.

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