• two out of ten

    We've been back a while now but me n Claire had a great time in barcelona. Went to Can Piaxano http://www.canpaixano.com
    Very cool place. Drank too much Cava and ate too many sea creatures. Hotel 1898 was ace! Rooftop bar cost a few quid though.

    Works going great. Heres a not very good drawing of Yoda for a CN idea I did a while ago. I made the huge mistake of drawing his saber the wrong colour. I'm surrounded by geeks!

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    1. Watch it... Us geeks will cut off yer goulies! Maybe Yoda is colourblind?


      How dare you sir!!!

    3. Great work! really nice!


    4. what color is his lightsaber ?
      I wouldn't know.
      it may very well be gray in your storyboard.

    5. Yoda looks pissed off with something !?

    6. ohhh niiiiceee i like itt!!

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