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    Looks boring I know but it actually fun.... this is an animatic. 10 minutes worth, cut in a day and a half...ish. The tedious bit is scene numbering and typing in notes.

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    1. Hey this is Blue from the AS forum and I'm stalking you...hahaha jk. I can't imagine trying to edit an animatic in AFX, you may want to give Sony's Vegas Pro a try. You can do pans/fades etc in realtime and it is an editor--a very fast editor. Anyway, all the best!

    2. Hi Joel
      A friend of mine uses Vegas. Its actually pretty easy cutting animatics in AE. It gives me a lot of control. I can cut a 10mine show in day and a half/ two days...There another guy on board now helping with animatics and he's using Premiere. Give me more time to type bloody notes.

    3. Ok...I'll admit it. I haven't used AFX that much, but I'm throwing a bone to Vegas, as I found it quick and easy. I did a 4min in half a day, including scanning...well a whole day, maybe day and a half if you include recording and editing rough audio. I'm not knocking AFX, I just like people knowing there is some kick butt stuff not under the Adobe monopoly. Anyway, over and out, keep on Rockin'!

    4. Yeah. I've heard its great for audio too. I'm just so used to adobe stuff. Spent too much money on it to jump ship. Yes, they got me by the balls.
      I use it for comp too...and we use Combustion in the studio. actually trying 3smax for comp on a new job for nick. It'll be up on the FK site when its done.

      What you working on?

    5. With the weak economy here I haven't been able to secure any work for several months. So, last month I started developing a Christmas themed short. Here's a character:


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