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    Its very wide as you see, and I've got a new Chris Wayles. Awesome fellow. Eyes of a hawk and better hand writing than me apparently. End of this month I'll be away to Singapore to start post. It'll be good to meet our Singaporean chums.

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    1. is that in the same studio as Kilogramme? I'm pretty sure I walked past that window a couple of months ago on a visit to them.

    2. G-biddy said... 1:53 AM

      Whoever said that you have bad writing Jeremy?? It's impeccable...

    3. Yep Kristian thats the place. I think I remember you coming in. Stop by for a cuppa.
      Bids you lie. x

    4. Wow, that's a lot of space! I've read that white walls can stimulate thoughts and help the mind compose creative ideas. Well, good luck on your trip to Singapore!

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