• Untouched ink

    Here's some ink drawings untouched by Photoshop. I've posted most of these before, but not in their naked state. The last image is a before and after. Looking at it now I prefer the original drawing.

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    1. lovely stuff as per.
      how are you doin mate? busy?
      i have been obsessed with pencil for a while now, but had a play with some quink earlier. sex in a bottle.
      hope you are good

    2. Hey mate. Cant seem to keep up with you. Your site down? All fine here. Busy in a bad way. Freelancing will kill me! Hows life with you? Email me chum. Lets talk about pencils!!


    3. i don't have a current email for you dood... can you contact me and let me know? hope you are good in your new job : )
      speak soon mate x

    4. SO good I oftenly visit your blog, I really like what you do sincerly


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