• Dot part one

    Heres a few images from the early stages of a short. I thought it would be nice to get them out as the films not going to be made. Not like this anyway. All the backgrounds started life as ink drawings. I used a dish cloth to draw with. I had my big art hat on that day. Then painted up in Photoshop. All the test animation was done in Flash. Then After Effects.

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    2. Oh dear, Jez. You've fallen victim to a blog comment spammer. There's a feature somewhere in the Blogger software that allows you to turn on "authentication" (or something like that), which will put paid to these bleedin' nuisances....

      Love the drawings, by the way!
      Nice use of positive / negative space.

    3. Cheers Michael. I'll have a poke around..see if I can get rid of it.

    4. Holy smokes! Cool stuff!!!!

    5. These are great!

    6. Amazing qualitty of design.
      I'll love to see this in movement. As illustration is so nice.

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