• A few new images at last

    At last a new post. I did mean to do this more often, anyway, heres a design for an 8 minute thing I'm directing and two from a half hour film project. They're coloured in Photoshop as usual. The creepy one is Flash, Photoshop and After Effects.

    Dang! I wish my blog was as cool as http://um-daddy.blogspot.com/ or http://gruesomestein.blogspot.com/.

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    1. Ace! .. I especially like the two bottom pics, relly looking forrad to aeeing this completed!

    2. Followed a link to your blog from a comment you left on Mr. Ackland's blog. YOu have some terrific work here! I really liked the two characters you posted on your first post! These paintings are really nice too! Looking forward to seeing more!

    3. Many thanks Billy, not sure if the half hour will come off...you know how these things go. They just needed some concepts.
      Smook, many thanks for having a look. Love your stuff. I'll try dig out some more character stuff.

    4. Anonymous said... 1:46 PM

      Holy Crow!

      I thought you fell off the face of the internet Jez... i haven't seen hide nor hair from you since you shut down you website ages ago.

      It's great to see you back on the net and with loads of new work to share. You and your creations have been sorely missed.

    5. Many thanks Clarke. Great to hear from you. I'll drop you a mail :)

    6. whaou!
      Your stuff is fantastic.
      I love those colors and your originalitty.

    7. Oh it's pretty cool.
      I wouldn't be too concerned...

    8. Thsoe bottom 2 of the fox are great-- amazing color and mood. Love to someday see the finished product!

    9. I really like the illustrative feel and the colours in the bottom 2 . Amazing work.

    10. Believe me, Jez, this stuff IS as cool as Mr Dunn's etc. Gorgeous Fox images! Got here via Niel Bushnell who i collaborate with. Do pop by my own site too and tell us what you think?

      Bada Bling!


    11. your works are so super cool!

      Wish I could do something like this someday!

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