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    By the 17th of this month, all the animation for the latest project has to be done. Its mad! So, not much time to dig out the character stuff I said I'd post. Heres a couple of sketchbook pictures instead. Its odd but I only seem to like the drawings that dont look like I did them. Does that make sense?

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    1. Jez...You are an amazing artist!!!!
      Unfortunately I only have one copy left of "The World is Round" but I have the originals and the rights have reverted to me...Maybe one day I'll get it published again.

    2. Woh! Thanks Oscar, you made my day.

    3. i´ve come here from alberto´s blog link and i have too say that this is an amazing discovering.
      i like too much your drawings. that shocking black, and the color... just great.

    4. Wow! I love you work! those sketches are beautiful! love the bottom one, is this brush pen?
      Really impressed!

    5. Jesus and Stephane, many thanks for having a look.
      Jesus. I just had a look at your blog. Amazing drawings! I love the boxing images.
      Stephane I visit your blog often.
      Amazing drawing again. I want to see a Mazarin show.

    6. cool stuff!

    7. Exelent sketches! Very bold and powerful.

    8. I just found your blog and man, you have some truely impressive stuff here! Great blog

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