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    Back again. I've had a bit of time off to re-charge. Heres an old picture anyway. It was done in the early stages of development for the Albie series for Cosgrove Hall. They went with the authors original drawings in the end. Also a more recent drawing trying to find a style for the NRSI roadsafety campaign.
    Right now I'm onto my next board for Cartoon Saloon and the new shows I've been developing are getting interesting. Fingers crossed for good news. Also I'm going to the Big Chip Awards on Wednesday. Many thanks to my chums at Stardotstar for getting me out the house again. We won 3 awards last year, best animation was one of them. I'll try and post some amusing pictures of me in a tux.

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    1. Really nice work Jez! (Is that a wabbit on the bottom panel? Whatever he is.....he's cool!)

    2. Really like that loose bottom sketch. Good luck at the awards!

    3. These are great. I love your quick and expresive drawings. So much strength in so few lines.
      And now... CAN YOU POST MORE, PLEASE?!!!

    4. Anonymous said... 6:00 AM

      you're back ^_^
      and with fun... cool

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