• Its too hot!

    ...it is in my office anyway. Sorry for the lack of posts. Lots of work to be done.
    Just a couple of pics.
    A green veg man thing.
    Two pictures of where I live in cooler times.
    And as promised me in a tux. I've no idea what I'm doing. Some kind of stiff shoeless robo-dance.

    16 comments → Its too hot!

    1. Wow, beautifull scketches, Jez.
      And the photo is...strange, yes.

    2. It's the elegant hand made Italian shoes that really set the outfit off.

      Some lovely drawings however!

    3. you're rehearsing accepting your awards for bestest drawrinks ever in that photo .. you really must turn up in those shoes when you do go to the award ceremony too!

      Drawings are smaaart! again!

    4. I've two outfits. Tux , no shoes and Shoes, no tux. Ooh suits you sir!

    5. You haven't changed in 15+ years! Whats your secret??

    6. Beer.

    7. UM said... 8:41 AM

      Hey Jez,
      Nice to see your work here.

    8. Those sketches are breathtaking, Jez. It's amazing how you do that extremely simple but suggestive drawings.
      Cool photo, BTW.

    9. Thanks Uli and Jose
      You blokes are mega great :)

    10. nice one Jez!

    11. I'm glad I stop by, great blog Jez!

    12. Hi Steve, Hows it going chum?
      Thanks Patrick.

    13. I just discovered your blog, that's really cool stuff you have here ! ...and I see you are very versatile too. Nice!

    14. Hi Marcos. Love the stuff on your site.

    15. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto !!

    16. Ciao Jez, someone here in the skunk crew has just given me the link to your blog, it's really awesome, i love your works! and i am the biggest fun of your boards as well ;)
      Hope to see you one day in the studio and yeah, the shoes are sweet!

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