• I'm down

    with the kids that is...I'm savin up for me own massive.

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    1. It's a pity that you copy so much the Gorillaz style. Free yourself, I'm sure you can find your own way, look inside yourself. :)
      Kiddin, of course, you are amazing.

    2. Jez. Good to see you're hip to the program also, old bean, quite like myself. Oh yes. "Home with the Downies", that's me....

      Nice stuff buddy!

    3. Kenada said... 5:09 AM

      Hi Jez,
      Sorry to post this in here but Alison is 40 soon and is having a party this weekend, (surprise party) Barbara rang me saying she sent an invite but has not got to ya m8, have you moved? i found you hangin' in here so only way i could get to ya.
      Tim (Kenada) (Foz) Foster

    4. Great sketch !
      (...and enjoy the party if you decide to go!)

    5. WORD.

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