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    I had a play around with the Punch and Judy characters yesterday. My friend Guy has a project he wants me to help with so I'm just researching really.
    The Punch story is mental. He throws his baby out the window, then beats his wife to death. He kills a blindman, a policeman etc etc.....he even has a stick fight with the devil himself! No idea where a crocodile comes in. ...or sausages.

    I dont know the direction my chum will be taking it as yet, but it would make a great short film.
    Pictures are proper ink and Photoshop colour.

    Guy I tried emailing but its playing up again. I'll get them over soon.

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    1. Anonymous said... 7:39 AM

      [weeps tears of joy]

      ...and *that* is how to do it!


    2. he needs the perpetual arousal too... isn't that the story. The drunken fool, pot bellied, hook nosed and sexed up? Punchanela... harlequin and all that. Have a peep.
      The designs are rather fine once again Mr Hall... we're all very proud of ya and that's a fact Jack

    3. youve got some great stuff on your blog!

    4. Really great!

    5. Wonderful, really wonderful!

    6. Great..., very simpatic... Good work...

      Best regards...

      Saludos desde Buenos Aires...


    7. wow! i am just back from my holidays and look how many great new posts! i like, i like!
      jez, i just had a look at your portfolio site...man i knew that already but, you are really something! :D

    8. Top one is REALLY nice

    9. mick, punchanela...? harlequin?
      you such a killer.

      no no no. learn to say "gnokki" instead of that freaking "gnocheeee" of yours, and *then* i'll teach you how to say arlecchino and pulcinella.

      jez stay away from that man! :)

    10. Me gusta mucho tu tecnica.

    11. Muchas gracias...

    12. thanks for the comment jez ;)

      take care man!

    13. I like great this one. Since you have insinuated what they look like the ribs under the suit.

    14. Ja, ja!!
      Love the Punchs, Jez!!!

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