• More sunshine

    The sunny pictures developed into BG ideas.

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    1. Ah, more sunshine!! Your blog has been a relief for me lately, jez ;)
      I never heard of anyone fighting against a bug in the head, but I'm glad you eventually won and got your ear back, it was your ear after all.
      happy 40 and keep it up!
      take care,

    2. I'm glad you're reminding people in the UK what Sunshine looks like, it's done nowt but piss down here in the North East for weeks !! Saying that today hasn't been too bad !!

    3. Thanks Ale:)
      Its not been that nice here to be honest Glazey. The wind blew some tiles off the roof the other day. Very depressing working with pans on the floor catching the water.

    4. Hey Jez I love your storyboards for Skunk Fu!, I did BGcolour designs for the show myself and still working as AFX compositor at the moment.
      Your sunshine pics are very good. Simple, but they give me a very refreshing feeling!
      Keep up the good work and a happy birthday!

      :) Roxanne

    5. At least the sun shins in the pix... Nice!

    6. What's a sunshine? Feels like Ragnarok in eric the Viking here in London at the moment.

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    8. Jez,
      Your work is just so inspiring mate.
      Stumbled upon it via Cold Hard Flash.
      I'd love you to put up some tutorials or descriptions as to how you achieved some of your images.

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