• 78 Weeks

    Look at the size of that! The show I'm due to direct gets ever closer. I printed and taped the first draft of the schedule together this morning. Scary, yet exciting.

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    1. maaaaaaaaaaan that is horrible looking. Those things drive me all wrong i need an assistant to look at that stuff... not for me... oh no.

      Still so long as you are excited old bean then you have my seal of approval... not that you'd give a pancake but still the sentiment is there.

      All the best- Mick

    2. FUCK ME! Then again you probably haven't got time.

    3. good luck!

    4. woah!

    5. Wow scary:) Great blog.


    6. Garf said... 7:04 AM

      wow... that makes Nicola's spreadsheets look like a walk in the park! ;-)

    7. Hi Jez
      Love looking at your site and love your work.I keep wondering if we know each other as our paths may have crossed, particularly at Cosgrove Hall where I used to work many years ago, on BFG etc.Your name rings a bell in this old forgetful head of mine
      Anyhow Please check out my site if you have time and please pass it along if you aprove, i'm just getting kicked off with this Blog thing and would welcome some traffic. Also say hi to Paul Salmon and tell him to get his Blog up and running, Top Artist.
      Cheers Steve


    8. oh man, that sheet does look bad... :D
      on the bright side, lovely drawing in the post below, I've been missing your cool flash strokes.
      Yay for jez.

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