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    Cant believe how nice my new Mac is....and my new Wacom for that matter. Going to be tricky getting used to OSX after all these years in Windows land.
    End of the month is approaching and trying to tie up freelance stuff. Looking forward to new things and hopefully making a few new friends.

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    1. StardotGarf said... 7:35 AM

      Welcome to the club mate... you'll never go back


    2. Yo JEZ,

      I've been using windows forever and I've been considering going mac.

      A couple of years ago some colleagues went Apple and they said that flash ran much slower on a mac compared to a PC.

      I'm curious to see if there has been any improvement.

      thanks for posting

      I dunno maybe you could keep us updated on your progress.



    3. exBeautiful machine, Jez!!!

    4. if it doesn't work out with you guys, you can always run windows on your mac nowadays! :)

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