• Title sequence

    I love directing this show. Its pretty all consuming. Even the stress is the good sort. More a buzz. The whole team feel it. The only downside is I don't draw anything. I draw pretty comprehensive story notes but that's about it. The rest of my time is spent checking storyboards, animatics, blocking and on Monday, animation! Which I'm very excited about.

    Anyway.....Its Sunday.
    Today I have to draw and paint concepts for the title sequence. It's my chance to play. Above is a nervous warm up self portrait. I'm kind of shocked how it came out. Don't let the tired glum old man deceive you though...I am having a ball.

    But I am looking forward to a week in the sun.


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    1. oh man... that's you right there... great picture

    2. Anonymous said... 7:03 AM

      Love your work! This is fantastic!

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