• Dredd

    A few end of the day doodles while waiting for an After Effects render. Just letting my pen wander.  I always wanted to be a comic artist when I was a young chap. 2000AD was the dream job for me.

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    1. Freeze perp!! That diddy helmet there is a hoot, bandy legs and massive boots would be the go. You should do a full dredd design.

    2. Thought you said big boobs then. Hey Mick....you do realise your blogs bust. None of my comments show up there anyway.

    3. what? a bust blog? feckin heck, that's a week off work sick note right there... hell's teeth! i sometimes have difficulty leaving comments. It is usually down to a browser/ blogger version update interface incompatible blah blah bollocks

    4. me to. 2000AD was the shizzle. pity i am shit at art. this i brill

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