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    Some quick ink drawings from last night. I had the house to myself for an hour. All drawn while watching an old german film called Berlin Alexanderplatz from 1931. Its full of dodgy looking fellows in a bar.
    Also, I've been working on character concepts for a new U.S show with the hugely talented Mr Craig Knowles. Go see how huge...Blog.

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    1. Oh my, you and Mr Knowles... no finer team since zebra kit and horace spatula (there are eight pints in it for you if you name the song they're in)

    2. No idea chummers! Some obscure thing. I could google it but that would be cheating. Sounds like something hippy. And yes My Knowles is very good. Very fun job. With all the talent we know we could make a drawing super group. Or a banjo based disaster. Gah! What am I saying. Anything Banjo based could never be a disaster.

    3. a banjo based super disaster drawer... I want front row skinks for that infernoiture.

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