• Baby BIMA..ine

    I heard yesterday that the Safe & Sound project (I did with my chum guy and the boffins at Stardotstar) has been nominated for a BIMA award....in three categories. Whats a BIMA? Have a look here http://www.bima.co.uk/.
    The picture is a reject design. They didn't pick him.

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    1. ahhhhhhh you swine! you stole my thunder I was going to upload this image first, you beat me to it... I think the GK on the shirt would be a great bit o merchandise...

    2. they didn't pick him cause they have no floopin' taste! freakin' execs...

    3. COngratulitions!
      What it is an animation commercial? there is any place where we can see it?
      The still image is fantastic

    4. I saw it, it is most nifty and you deserve the accolade

    5. Inverse psychology, Jez...
      If you wrote "Please not me! don't pick me!!" it would have been sweet ;)
      By the way, thanks for watching the board on my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      And congrats for everything, hard night work and flying rats included.
      If you still want to get some peace in a place with sun, food ad wine, you are welcome to come over, we got lots of room here ;)

    6. Gareth said... 5:46 AM

      The BIMAs are the 'biggest interactive media awards in the UK' it says here... Like the BAFTAs but interactive.

      Bits of Safe and Sound here: http://www.safeandsound.org.uk/

      Nice work Jez, fingers crossed!

      Safe. Sound.


    7. fantastic work here dude, the naked guy flying rocks

      ken :D

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