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    Early this morning, frustrated and tired, ratbird came along.

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    1. We don't have those up North, must be a London thing !! Neat work again Jez !!!

    2. You saying I'm a lass!?!
      Actually last time I was down London I enjoyed it. I could get to like the place. Not top live obviously...I'm not daft.

    3. I think he lived below me when I lived in Leyton

    4. simmer down Jez... it is a reaction all of us have mysteriously had. Just keep chanting the mantra 'eastenders is a documentary... eastenders is a documentary...'

    5. Ratbird, ratbird, ratbird... squawks like a nerd, looks like lemon curd, stinks like a turd ratbird, ratbird! There yer go, theme tune for him, only took 5 seconds... does it show?

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