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    Works mad! I've a very long night ahead. I hate working hard. I want to retire now please. Somewhere sunny, where theres wine and food. And sun.
    I'm full of coffee and coke. Hopefully I'm carrying enough fuel to get me through the night. Trouble is I have to do the same again tomorrow. Anyway a couple of days and it'll all be over. Drawings were done in record breaking time...mere seconds. Just now infact. I just had to write the word "metal" above them. When I drew the word "metal" I was shouting it really loud in an Arnie voice. Caffeines Ace! Wonder if the guitarist from Slayer would want to do a job share? Mess with me at your peril clients.

    Oh....and I've been working on some cool projects recently. Hopefully I can post pictures from them soon.

    Hail Satan anyway...cheers

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    1. Been there man, sympathise.


    2. where? Sale?

      great blue things Jez

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