• Aliens and chickens are both done. Many thanks to my pal Waylo http://waylo.blogspot.com/ for animating the chickens one. Top animation Way! Here's a few making of things. Might be interesting if you're the nosey sort.
    A grab from Lightwave and a grab from Flash. Take a look at my lazy file names.

  • Its been done a few weeks now but heres a couple of pictures anyway. One of the bad guys looking bad and a layout drawn the wrong way.

  • Found these pics the other day.
    From the top

    Chris Wayles
    animator/animation coordinator

    Karina Stanford
    Studio manager/producer

    Chris Coady
    Backgound artist/napper

    all total loves.

  • Back from MIP and posting a couple of brush drawings. They're ideas for a sequence from a new 8 minute thing... a bit of photoshop too.
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