• Safe and Sound won! In fact it won 3 times! Safe and Sound was shortlisted for Education and Training, Kids, and Government and Education, and scooped them all. Giving BBC, Channel 4, MTV, The Natural History Museum and the Ministry of Defence are good kicking! Yay us! Well done the lovely Stardotstar gang. Chuffed!

  • I was up too late and full of wine. I really should have gone to bed but I started messing in Sketchbook and Photoshop. I think its Frankensteins monster. Not sure about the blood splatter thing..bit cheesy.

  • A few poses from my sketchbook. I had a day last week where I couldn't stop drawing these blokes. This is one of many sheets. This may turn out to be the funnyest cartoon ever made. Or might not.

  • I had a look at One of the Skunk shows I boarded the other day. Had a look at half of it anyway. Very cool it was too. Beautiful BGs and animation.
    Heres a board/final comparison picture. One of my fave shots. Hmmm...
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