• Look at the size of that! The show I'm due to direct gets ever closer. I printed and taped the first draft of the schedule together this morning. Scary, yet exciting.

  • I actually did more than that but I binned the crap ones. Pictured aren't any of the 94 but the 30-something I did the next day. I was blasting as much as I could before my trip.
    I'm working some more with my chums at Greykid so I'm not posting anything that'll get me into trouble.

  • Got back yesterday. Me and lovely Claire had a fantastic time. Crap being back.
    While I was out there a grabbed a copy of the amazing Javier Olivares book "The Ono and Hop Chronicles". It further confirms his genius. Amazing stuff.
    Also had a nosey at Sagrada Familia. Amazing place. I came away kind of wishing they'd left it alone though.
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