• Just a quick one about someone elses work instead of mine. My good pal Paul Salmon has come back to the freelance life after years in the wilderness. This makes me very happy. I met up with him last week for a pint. He's one of the best in the game. He needs stuff online so I'll bully him to get something up. Take a look at the above image. Paul was the guy who designed Count Duckulas castle by the way.

  • Many thanks to Aaron at the mighty Cold Hard Flash for letting me know the re-designed site is up (click the title). Great job Aaron!
    I did some designs for Aaron late last year, some of which you can see by scrolling down the CHF page. Above is the image the new logo is taken from. You can see he was changed a little from this to be more bear-like. This is straight out of Flash.

  • Heres a few colour keys I've been doing on a new thing for some folks to be broadcast somewhere sometime fairly soon....whenever they're done. Hopefully when it airs I can post more stuff.
    I've had fun on this show. I been doing boards, animatics, some design and these little colour key things.
    I went down to Wish films the other day to see Will, Ian and the other Will. I had a fine day. I got rained on three times in one day though. I hope I didn't smell too damp.
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