• Heres a few monkey doodles from one of my many train journeys. The grey tone was added later in PS. At the bottom are a couple of post it note pictures. I don't get much drawing time so I have to doodle when I can. These were done waiting for After Effects renders. I love my Pentel AQUASH pens. Yes... I am a brush pen geek!
    Big hello and thanks to Ale and Alf . Amazing talents!

  • We've been back a while now but me n Claire had a great time in barcelona. Went to Can Piaxano http://www.canpaixano.com
    Very cool place. Drank too much Cava and ate too many sea creatures. Hotel 1898 was ace! Rooftop bar cost a few quid though.

    Works going great. Heres a not very good drawing of Yoda for a CN idea I did a while ago. I made the huge mistake of drawing his saber the wrong colour. I'm surrounded by geeks!
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