• I couldn't stop drawing this fella over Christmas for some reason. Hope you all had a good one.

  • Just completed the first pass on the latest Skunk board. Skunk totally wigs in this show, he's nails! As is the chap above.

  • Thanks to Gez at stardotstar for sending me this pic. The Aliens cartoon on the big screen in Manchester...cool!
    This past week Ive had some fab design work to do. Loads of fun. I wish I could post them.
  • Heres some more oldies. Colour notes from Wacky Woods this time. We made 3 pilots. One in India and two here. Still waiting on this one.
    Wise Old Owl made me laugh. He's not wise, old or an Owl. He's a sheep in a tree.

  • Heres a few colour notes I did ages ago. I wanted to go a bit lino print but the client chose a rougher style. Theres also a few ealy PS paintings for the same project and a BG idea. It was Lightwave and PS.... I never saw the final thing.

  • Busy busy

    Sorry for the long delay. I'm coming to the end of the latest Skunk board.
    I've been having fun drawing Mr Fish below.

    no new "proper" art so heres an old one of some trains.

    chuf chuf...

  • Grim Reaper chav doodles.
  • I went outside again yesterday. It was weird. All big and that.
    The parks nice, apart from an odd young chap (pictured).
    I think his little brother had nicked a bike from out of my skip. My two boys and me had a game of cricket with young Faheed and his cousins, who hit the ball so hard it hit a plane (pictured) he's only ten.

  • Where's the sun gone?

  • Apologies for the lack of drawings. Here's a doodle from last night. A beefy version of one of the fab Skunk characters.
  • Monday night, the Cornerhouse in Manchester was the place to be.
    The four episodes of Safe and Sound, made with my good mate Chris Wayles, were getting their big screen debut.
    Many thanks to my chums at stardotstar for a great evening. And extra big thanks to Guy, the creative force behind SnS, and Nic, the boss.

    Waylo turns on lazer vision

    Waylo, me and Paul (soon to be a dad)

    Metz and Trix and Courtney looking at someone with a cool camera.

    Pauls hair makes a break for it.


    "Look at Jez's shit camera!"

    Hair fight!

  • Sorry its been so long.
    I'm animating right now on a new thing for Nick. Which is a lot of fun.

    My real reason for this post is to link to the new Skunk Fu blog (click title to go there)


    I've been boarding on Skunk and can say its going to be a great show. Top work from the wonderful folks at Cartoon Saloon.

  • Hi Jez,

    Thank you for your interest in joining the team on 'A Tale of Despereaux'. Unfortunately we do not have any open positions that would best suit your skills.

    I will keep your portfolio on file for future reference.




    Doesn't this kind of thing tick you off? It does me. Especially when they called me and haven't seen my portfolio yet.

    Ah well... I'm crap at drawing baby mice anyway.

    On a much nicer note.....

    Welcome back K. X
  • I meant to post some of these ages ago but I forgot. They're from a short film called Dot that never got made. These are ideas for the ruined city sequence. Its a bit grim.

    These are some of the folks she meets in the city.

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