• My friends film... The Great Martian War, has just be released on History
    Heres some images from a Sequence I boarded. A great project!

  • Knocking out the park everyday. Our first rushes. Proud director.

  • Gash mashk

  • Inky notepad scribbles of the my own show in development. 
    And nearly Donald Duck...

  • Just a quick one to mention I'm now a director at Mackinnon and Saunders. Not sure Im allowed to say what the show is but I'm excited to work with an amazing team. Hopefully further press releases will spill the beans.


    Room full of serious talent in our temporary studio.
  • Heres some scribbles looking for a pose then a couple of colour ideas. First two were very small. Then a few bigger tighter (tight for me anyway) drawings. The plan was to ink the them, but I had to break off and do other things for a few days, so I kind of lost my thread. I ended up in Photoshop and painted them instead. Just to see where it went.

    Hopefully ill be able to mention news of my new job soon.

  • Another more fun doodle.

  • Doodled a quick monster in honour of Mary Shelleys birthday.

  • More development fun from today.

  • Some quick style ideas from my morning dog walk doodles polished (or unpolished) in Photoshop. All concepts for the film/comic I want to make.

  • I've taken to drawing while I'm walking the dogs. Wobbly but fun.
    Also work with the great guys at Ka-Ching is done. Always great to work on a European show. They seem to be free from the often mind numbing regulations of zero threat we have over here. Life jackets on a character pretending to be on a boat anyone?

    At the moment I'm working on the live action thing I hinted at a few months ago and awaiting the start of a new project to direct. Hopefully contracts will get signed soon.

  • Heres some images from the Big Chip award intro I had a hand in boarding. Great work by Claire, Craig, David, Mick and Paul. Here's the video.

  • ...and one ear too.
    No idea when a did this. 

  • Following on from the last post, heres some old colour notes from various things.
    One day Ill be able to post new stuff.

  • Heres a few thumbnails I used to hand out to the storyboard artists on Fleabag Monkeyface. Overtime these notes got less and less. Due to my time and the amazingness of the board team.

    Heres a few colour notes also. I didn't do these for every show, only when we had something specific in mind. Later the amazing Chris Coady took this role off my hands.  

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