• Various old drawings... apart from the bottom two. Both from the project I'm amusing myself with at the moment.
    Big news is I'm now a director at Blue Zoo animation in London. A great bunch of people! 

    I've also put a more professional work site together at jezhall.com Theres a news blog on there, grabs from shows I've worked on etc. Its generally less interesting than here, but its nice to show my mum :)

  • I bought a notebook to stick all my ideas about a new idea.....er.....in. I told my pal Mick about it a while ago and it scared him a bit. Maybe it was my unblinking gaze......Anyway, Micks reaction got me back into it. It's developed into something pretty grim. I really fancy putting it together as a comic. Just something I can please myself with. Something I can draw how I want and a story I can go where I want with.
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I've worked in animation for 23 years. Specialising in storyboard and design. I've also directed, animated and art directed on various shows.