• Never let it be said I don't use blue!

  • Two versions of the same bloke. I like the top guy better.

  • Todays doodles. Geezers with shooters. Promise this craze for red will go away soon. 

  • The last batch was too clean so had to get my ink out...feel better now.

  • Only a few audio notes to type today, so plenty of time to draw The Grim Reaper smoking. I did start out drawing a chap in a cape but I digressed. Ignore the confused hands.

  •  A few more quick ones that didn't get used.

  • A friend of mine posted a picture of himself and his daughter walking on the beach. The colours and light really grabbed me... so I just had to snag it for my memory bank.

  • I found a great site sometime ago with lots of tasteful old pictures of ladies. I drew these his morning from some of the images on the site.
    All are ink. Some coloured and fixed in Photoshop. I don't often draw women. I find them extremely difficult. Its just so easy to fall back on cliches...I have a bit here.

  • Leftover poses in ink. Red done in PS. The guy at the top was waiting for a paste up head. 

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