• Various old drawings... apart from the bottom two. Both from the project I'm amusing myself with at the moment.
    Big news is I'm now a director at Blue Zoo animation in London. A great bunch of people! 

    I've also put a more professional work site together at jezhall.com Theres a news blog on there, grabs from shows I've worked on etc. Its generally less interesting than here, but its nice to show my mum :)

  • I bought a notebook to stick all my ideas about a new idea.....er.....in. I told my pal Mick about it a while ago and it scared him a bit. Maybe it was my unblinking gaze......Anyway, Micks reaction got me back into it. It's developed into something pretty grim. I really fancy putting it together as a comic. Just something I can please myself with. Something I can draw how I want and a story I can go where I want with.

  • Here's some ink drawings untouched by Photoshop. I've posted most of these before, but not in their naked state. The last image is a before and after. Looking at it now I prefer the original drawing.

  • I just thought I'd post another image from my zombie movie. It's project name is Black Tide, which is actually a cooler name than its real title. If I call it by its true name it will totally give the game away. As it would if I showed the full image. I'm not getting much time on it but its always in the back of my head. Thinking of calling my writer pal to make all the ideas make sense.

  • Just heard a couple of things about Fleabag. First Fleabs will be airing on ABC in Australia. Thursdays at 6.30am and Sundays at 8.30am, Also he's been entered into the Broadcast Awards and the Kidscreen Awards. Farts crossed!

  • Some of the messing about from end of play yesterday. It's starting to become a very grim comedy. 
    I'm getting the thing mapped out. I've much research to do. I've had a few big ideas for this film. 
    Need more time in my day though. 

  • A few end of the day doodles while waiting for an After Effects render. Just letting my pen wander.  I always wanted to be a comic artist when I was a young chap. 2000AD was the dream job for me.

  • Some quick ink drawings from last night. I had the house to myself for an hour. All drawn while watching an old german film called Berlin Alexanderplatz from 1931. Its full of dodgy looking fellows in a bar.
    Also, I've been working on character concepts for a new U.S show with the hugely talented Mr Craig Knowles. Go see how huge...Blog.

  • Messing about with an old marker pen, sliced with a scalpel to get an edge. Then into PS for further messing about. Not really warm ups, just cold starting my brain. 
    I'm waiting to cut some 10 minute animatics for my mates new show. Be fun to lose myself in After Effects for a few days and make a big scary timeline. 

    Also have a seemingly never ending head ache. 

  • I started thumbnailing ideas for my Zombie movie. I had to mess with them in Photoshop. They'd make a cool Fist full of dollars style title sequence. Unfortunately though that wouldn't fit the film at all. These were all drawn in PS. No ink or paper involved.
  • A useful psd I made a while ago. Six grungy high res textures with transparent BG. You are welcome to them.  http://www.mediafire.com/?yawbwktvrejwkff

  • The Joker. One of many from late last night. 
    I was thinking the Joker as a junkie. Crazy from drug abuse.
    The Batman an imaginary reaper. 

  • Wrap party day. Be great to see everyone again. Still freelancing on some very interesting projects. Here are two quick ones from this morning.

  • My work on Fleabag is pretty much done. 52 Episodes in the can and our last delivery met. I'll be taking a short break for my birthday before sending out official thank you's and the wrap party. I'll just say here, a big thanks to the Manchester team for being totally mega!
    Not sure what I'll be moving onto. I'm hanging around here for a few things to come to fruition. Luckily I have choices to make.

    Also a short interview popped up here. Nothing you haven't heard before.

    Animation Insider

  • Just a quick one from this morning. Remembering the Star Wars I loved as a kid.

  • Tap tappity tap....
  • Never let it be said I don't use blue!
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