• I don't think I've drawn so little in my life.
    My night off tonight..... boys are with their mum, I have wine, a crap pen and lots of crap paper, neon bible on the stereo and a great great film on dvd with the sound turned off. .. (got some hula hoops too).

    Here are some drawings as the film plays through.... just letting the pen do the work. I've tried to be as honest as I can and only ran one through photoshop.

    Yes its the red one.

    Also, some of you may know already I've become a partner/director in Freakishkid pictures. So me is now we. Website is up now http://freakishkid.com/. very exciting to work with the amazing talent that was Greykid pictures. Lots of great things to come.

    Also been offered to direct a half hour film after Wibbly Pig. Something so cool I could burst.

    Fingers are crossed it happens.
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