• Monday night, the Cornerhouse in Manchester was the place to be.
    The four episodes of Safe and Sound, made with my good mate Chris Wayles, were getting their big screen debut.
    Many thanks to my chums at stardotstar for a great evening. And extra big thanks to Guy, the creative force behind SnS, and Nic, the boss.

    Waylo turns on lazer vision

    Waylo, me and Paul (soon to be a dad)

    Metz and Trix and Courtney looking at someone with a cool camera.

    Pauls hair makes a break for it.


    "Look at Jez's shit camera!"

    Hair fight!

  • Sorry its been so long.
    I'm animating right now on a new thing for Nick. Which is a lot of fun.

    My real reason for this post is to link to the new Skunk Fu blog (click title to go there)


    I've been boarding on Skunk and can say its going to be a great show. Top work from the wonderful folks at Cartoon Saloon.
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