• While I'm here.... I just want to point you to my site news blog http://www.jezhall.com/blog/ where I post work related stuff.
    And my Tumblr http://finks.tumblr.com/ where I stick my ink drawings. I always post them here too of course.

  • Storyboarding. Flash can kick you if you aren't careful but its good to be drawing. Should be ok to post these two close-ups. Great fun doing something for a couple of top guys.
  • I've actually not seen the show but Dragon Wars: Fire and Fury was aired on Sunday, 9th December on National Geographic. Its a live action show with animated sections which I boarded. The screens look cool.
    At Blue Zoo the show at zipping along. Animation is coming in and the first renders and comps are appearing. The turn over on the show has been crazy fast. One reason for my poor blogging.   

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I've worked in animation for 23 years. Specialising in storyboard and design. I've also directed, animated and art directed on various shows.