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    I meant to post some of these ages ago but I forgot. They're from a short film called Dot that never got made. These are ideas for the ruined city sequence. Its a bit grim.

    These are some of the folks she meets in the city.

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    1. Anonymous said... 7:33 AM

      It's a bit grim?
      You told us dotsy was going to be cute?! ;o)

      Who knows, maybe one day when we're rich it'll get made... (don't hold your breath)

    2. Shes cute. Hard as nails too.
      I'll dig out the script some time Dave went nuts with it.

    3. Oh wow! These are great. Nice atmosohere and great use of texture.


    4. cheers Ryan. I used old rags and various packing material dipped in ink. And photoshop of course. I had my big art hat on that day.

    5. These picture are visually outstanding!
      The combination of simple shapes and lighting gives to your work a strong emotional impact.

    6. Very different. Very cool indeed !

    7. Hi Jez.
      Man, I love the first one!!!
      Reminds me the amazing Breccia´s use of shapes and Texture.
      Very good.

    8. Hi Jez,

      This is the first time I've seen your blog.

      Nice work my friend!


    9. Cheers chaps :)
      Hey Will...hows it going?

    10. Anonymous said... 4:30 AM

      These are terrific! Love the atmosphere and textures.

    11. It goes... okay. I work in GOSH! now and I haven't done much drawing for a while. I just found that sketchbook page you set up all those years ago.

      At the time you said:

      "Will Kane has popped in, take a look at Will's fantastic work in the Sketchbook. Rhythm, storytelling and great drawing. The guy is going to be so BIG. "

      Sigh, Where did it all go wrong?

      I'm setting up a sketchblog (my retro-blog having become quite successful) to try and spur me into actually finishing something. I'll let you know when that's up.

    12. Great stuff. There's a sense of the urban space and yet everything is simplified... mood rules!

      Congrats, and we hope that you can see this one produced as a film.

    13. This is an AWESOME series!

    14. Cool design. It's a pity it didn't happen as a film but the images look brilliant.

    15. I think its a brilliant style, pitty its off the cards for now. Some time in the furture perhaps it'll be winging its way to flim.

    16. THis is beautifull
      I love it, there is some animated pieces? yo should carry on with this work

    17. Anonymous said... 5:38 PM

      Ok -I was falling asleep at my desk today and started browsing online ( as you do ) and came across your blog . These city pieces are just freakin cool man . I really love the abstract approach in your work .

      Just beautiful design .

      Hope you don't mind if I link you up .Cheers man .

    18. This research are incredible! what a pity that the short never got made ...

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