• Tell you what. I don't think its ever been this bad. Its not the work, there's plenty of that about. The problem is getting paid. Okay that was always a problem but this past few years its got worse and worse. Nobody wants to pay anymore! Its the same story for my freelance chums. All of them are owed money, huge amounts of money in some cases. Many of the folks are walking a financial tightrope. Growing overdrafts... remortgaging their houses.

    Us freelancers are paid to do good work, on time. Frankly its insulting to wait 2 months then have to start begging for your money. I recently had work with a well known studio on a very cool show. The kind of thing you'd do cheap just to have it on your CV. Well I did do it for cheap. Very cheap. I gave them an awful lot for the paltry sum. They repaid me by making me wait 3 months then deducting tax and NI from me. I told them I couldn't conitnue because of this.

    This stuff has almost brought me to my knees. I have kids and a house and bills too. I work like a bastard to give people my best. Look after your freelancers folks.

    On a brighter note. My writer pal is free and has come on board to work with me on my own show. So its given me a push. Development on it has taken a jump forward. I think the look is getting there. The image above is some early development from it.
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